Was indian indentureship a new form of slavery

Slaves were stripped and shaved to remove grey hairs that lowered the selling price. Musical instruments were allowed as a form of recreation as singing and dancing was encouraged.

There are critical differences between slavery and indentureship, but there were parallels

This was very much a source of the many indentured servants taken to the far reaches of the British Empire. Voluntary decision and forceful will, different Treatment between Indentured Indians and Slaves and Wage structures and its control by the planters.

There can be no history of Trinidad and Guyana that is not also a history of the humanization of those landscapes by Indian Labour. The comparison between the labourer and beast is interesting: Arkatis adopted allkinds of methods to fill their quotas.

It must be added that all the days the labourer spent in gaol were ultimately added to his working term before his contract could expire. Indentured Indians life on the plantation was not much different, working day was unduly long, the idea of a rest day inconceivable; the laborers found their movements severely curtailed, and indeed they were caged within the walls of the plantation.

Slavery Vs Indentureship in the ?aribbean Essay

The recruitment of the Africans were different. It started from the end of slavery in and continued until Further, in Indians in a Plural Society: The conditions in which the slaves resided and worked can be described as horrible. Many of these were brought away from their homelands deceptively.

And the flow of the contract laborers from India continued for 80 years and made the planters as rich and powerful as slave owners. After this; slaves would be branded with the initials of their w owners.

The journey took three months by sail ship and by steam ships. These were the two main points where they collected immigrants. And the burden of proof he leaves to the illiterate Coolie whose very language he is unable to understand.?

The individual personification of the labour was of little relevance to the plantocracy and the merchants, in very much the same way in which the individual personification of slaves was immaterial to the masters. When this was done the Agent General was in charge to ensure the many rules and regulations were enforced such as sound housing, watertight roofing and proper drainage to ensure the laws were enforced he had a staff of clerks, travelling inspectors and interpreters.The idea of indentureship as a form of slavery is not new.

It occupies a central place in indentureship research.

Indenture: A new system of slavery?

The British academic and historian Hugh Tinker postulated this notion in his The end of Indentureship February 24, When a friend from Fiji broached the idea of commemorating the end of Indian Indentureship – and this is an academic with a PhD from New School for Social Research in NY – he was also trying to pin down the actual date it occurred.

Between and a total ofIndians migrated to Trinidad under the system of Indian indenture.

Slavery vs Indentureship in the Caribbean

Most of these indentured labourers were drawn from the agricultural and laboring classes of the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar regions of north India, with a comparatively smaller number being recruited from Bengal and various areas in south India.

Slavery and Indentureship can be described as two of the most horrible historic happenings to occur. They share numerous differences as well as Similarities, which make us, question whether Indentureship was disguised as a form of slavery or not.

Indentureship was a new form of slavery. Isaac Dookhan said, “ Indian immigration was begun on the initiative of John Gladstone, father of the later famous British Prime Minister William Ewart.


Tinker () notes that “indentureship incorporated many of the repressive features of the slave system and induced in Indians. this was totally different in the case of the indentured Indians. indentureship was compared to slavery since labour became a commodity to be bought and sold.

Slavery vs Indentureship in the Caribbean

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Was indian indentureship a new form of slavery
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