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If we want to reverse the recent trend toward reduced self-efficacy and emotional resilience in young adults, we may need, as a society, to re-examine our approaches to parenting and create conditions that encourage and enable parents to allow their children more freedom than is currently the norm.

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Parents today know all about the academic milestones their kids are supposed to reach, but not about the moments when kids used to start joining the world.

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Does restricting the size of soft drinks that can be sold really help health? Shouldn't they just sit quietly next to their mama gazelles, exploring the world through the magic of PBS Kids?The term “helicopter parenting” is used to describe parents who contact their college-aged children too frequently and are overly involved in their young adult(s) life.

College Parents of America, an organization that helps parents and college students transition smoothly into college performed a study using members of their organization. Here's an article that may allow parents to feel less guilty when they step back and let their kids start to make more of their own decisions.

According to parenting writer Bonnie Rochman, helicopter parents are doing their children a disservice: "Helicopter parenting decreased adult children’s feelings of autonomy, competence and connection.

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Holly H. Shiffrin et al., (). Helping or hovering? The effects of helicopter parenting on college students’ well being. Journal of Child Family Studies, 23, Daniel J. van Ingen et al. (). Helicopter parenting: The effect of an overbearing caregiving style on peer attachment and self-efficacy.

Journal of College Counseling, 18, Attending college can be an expensive endeavor. Many students face difficulty in discovering ways to finance their way through school.

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While scholarships and loans certainly help to ease the burden of costs, the college grant program is unique in that it awards free money to students who constitute different segments of the population.

Learning by Default In the article titled “A Generation Tethered to their Helicopter Parents” the author lays out a strong argument as to why parents should allow their children to grow up and make their own decisions. 4 “Helicopter parenting” is a term used to describe a phenomenon of a growing number of parents, obsessed with their childrens’ success and safety, who vigilantly (giving an example of a father writing a college essay for his .

Helicopter parents college essay
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