Battle of badr

When the general offensive began, hundreds of companions participated in the battle and offered sacrifices and pleased their Lord. Do whatever you want to do; we are together with you.

It was a race between friends, comrades and brothers. Therefore, they could throw only a few stones when they attacked. I thanked Allah I thanked Allah for his mercy in giving me a chance to visit the Blessed Place where Angels decended for the help of the believers.

God, terrify their hearts and invalidated their feet. A larger army of the pagan Quraysh tribe led by Abu Jahlamong other chiefs, was decisively defeated by a smaller Muslim force led by Muhammad in the turning point of the rise of Islam.

God this is Quraish. Nobody wanted to approach him because they were afraid that they would be infected. By 11 March both armies were about a day's march from Badr.

Badr Organization

Therefore, they warned the Jews, "embrace Islam before the same thing which happened to Quraysh happens to you. They hit him with their swords and knocked him down.

Then, Banu Adiyy b. The Qur'an says the reason to this battle was their being decepted by Satan. Besides, according to the news they received, the army of the polytheists consisted of more people than the Islamic army and they had more weapons.

The Battle of Badr

Sharik dissuaded Banu Zuhra, who were his allies, and returned to Makkah with them. Jamuh was wounded, the two young brothers approached Abu Jahl. May Allah forgive us for all our shortcomings and give us the imaan of the Sahabas. Shoot your arrows when the enemy opens the shield.

Such an army would definitely risk everything and would not avoid or fear from fighting the army of the polytheists! They were the attackers and the defenders. The Prophet did not want to regard himself different from others.

In the morning, the Quraysh advanced in their squadrons and the two groups took up positions ready for battle. The Prophet s said, "Satan has never been weaker and more helpless than the day of 'Arafaexcept on the day of Badr. The names of Muslims who was martyred in the Battle of Badr.

Battle of Badr

After burying the body of the martyrs, the corpse of the dead polytheist were thrown into a well, the Prophet s addressed the corpses and said:The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny.

For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. The Great Expedition of Badr took place in Ramadan, 2 A.H. Allah called this battle 'The Day of Distinguishing.' Allah says, 'if you believe in Allah and what We sent down on Our servant on the Day of Distinguishing, the day the two hosts met.' (8: 41).


The Badr Organization (Arabic: منظمة بدر ‎ Munaẓẓama Badr), previously known as the Badr Brigades or Badr Corps, is an Iraqi political party headed by Hadi Al-Amiri.

The Badr Brigade was the Iran-officered military wing of the Iran-based Shia Islamic party, Supreme Council for. The Battle of Badr. Share.

Seerah of Prophet Muhammed 39 – The Battle of Badr 4 – Yasir Qadhi | 31st October 2012

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share to Google+ Share on Linkedin Share on Pinterest (2nd Year of Hijrah, Ramadan / 13 MarchFriday) The Trade Caravan of Quraysh. In the 2nd year of Hijrah, the Qurayshi polytheists prepared a trade caravan.

Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr, Saudi Arabia, was a major turning point in the spread of Islam. The Muslim victory over a stronger force of secular merchants from Mecca established Mohammed as one of the most powerful leaders on the Arabian Peninsula.

The Battle of Badr was a key moment in Muhammad’s armed struggle against Mecca’s pagan tribes. In Muhammad and his followers had emigrated from Mecca to Medina. From his new base Muhammad began raiding Meccan caravan routes.

Battle of badr
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